Friday, April 25, 2008

Erlang/OTP Source at GitHub

I wrote a little script the other day to download all of the Erlang/OTP source releases that were available at, and stick them in a single git repository. I've uploaded it to GitHub, if anyone's interested:

I found out after the fact that archaelus had done something similar, and has a git repository hosted here:;a=summary

The main difference between the two is that the one at GitHub includes releases going a lot further back (R6B-0 vs R11B-5) - which is good if you're curious about how Erlang has evolved over time, but also means the repository is that much bigger when it comes time to do a clone (Erlang includes a bunch of binary files in their "source" releases, which don't seem to compress very well). Archaelus also includes a few 3rd party patchsets in his repository, which may be of interest.

The nice thing about GitHub, however, is that it makes it really easy for anyone to branch a project and make changes, and then make those changes available to everyone else (who can then merge them back into their own branches, and so on). Maybe this could help open up the Erlang development process a bit?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Erlang 12B-2 Released

Looks like the second service pack for Erlang/OTP 12B has been released.

One nice change is that the percept application no longer depends on libgd. This should make compiling for Mac OS X a bit easier, since Leopard doesn't ship with GD by default.

They also appear to have fixed some of the other OS X related build issues that cropped up in the first service pack.